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About The Horse Face

We are a small cornish-based company with years of experience in the embroidery business that has decided to branch out into affordable horse and leisure wear. I launched Snowland Embroidery 14 years ago after the death of my mother, who was an accomplished embroiderer.

The Horse Face is a combination of all my passions. Including horses, outdoor activities and embroidery.

All of our team have similar passions and we enjoy sending out our work for everyone to enjoy and wear. As we are all horse owners, we know how expensive horse equipment and accessories are and as such have created a range that was affordable to everyone.

A little bit about me…

If you couldn’t tell already, I love horses and I am fortunate enough to have spent most of my life working with them, riding them and when I was younger racing horses.

My mother was a seamstress and my father was a businessman. Growing up, I used to help my mother when she would sell her items at the market, and I remember being fascinated with the embroidered saddle pads on the horses.

When I eventually launched Snowland Embroidery my father helped me buy my first embroidery machine. I am very lucky that he supported me with this first venture.

After leaving school, I left Cornwall to be trained by Johnnie Gilbert at the Goodwood Estate where I learned a lot about the equestrian industry. After several years I came back to Cornwall and opened a livery yard in Lanescot which is still running strong today.

I then went into breeding and bred the most amazing horse called Baron Graphite who showed promise. When he turned 3 years old we realised we had bred a superstar.

He went show jumping internationally with Ben Dunning who took him on the sunshine tour together where they had many wins, including the Hickstead and County shows.

Baron Graphite then came home to Cornwall, where Claire Beecham took him up the ladder to grade A where he was jumping 1m60. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us but his memory will carry on in The Horse Face brand.

I still ride horses and I enjoy schooling youngsters. I also enjoy long-distance running and have been fortunate enough to participate in the London Marathon twice where I raised money for charity. You can also find me cycling around Cornwall.

So, in memory of my parents and, of course, Baron Graphite, this year I have created and launched The Horse Face.

Anita Scrace


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